Destination of the Week


Each week I will profile one destination I have visited and give you all of my tips and recommendations for visiting.

These profiles will include at a minimum lots of photos, a summary of the destination and my thoughts on it, my top sights/attractions, accommodation recommendations and information on transport.

Here are the links to each destinations profile. There will be a new profile added every week. Or read on to find out how you can contribute to these pages.






Over time I also want to be able to build on each destination’s profile with the help of you, my readers. I would like your input so that these destination profiles can be a comprehensive resource for anyone researching a trip to one of the destinations profiled.

So how will it work? If you have anything to add to these profiles just contact me using the form below. Simple, right?

What I would like to hear about is any of the following:

  • General info such as its history, culture etc. that you think is important and I have missed.
  • Sights and attractions you loved and think others will love too.
  • Accommodation recommendations. Did you stay somewhere and loved it?
  • Day trip, walking tour or city tour that you loved. Tell me about it and the company you used.
  • Additional info on transport to/from or around the destination.

What I would like from you:

  • You name and where your from. This will be posted with your recommendation unless you tell me not to.
  • Which destination you want to make an addition to.
  • What you want to recommend and why, in no more than about two paragraphs. This will appear on the website so be descriptive and try to sell your recommendation. For example if you are recommending a hotel tell me why you loved it and what amenities/inclusions you thought were great.
  • A great photo (if you have one) to go with this recommendation.
  • Also if you have your own blog or website, include the link so when your recommendation is posted I can link it back to you.

You can send these recommendation to me via email or by using the form below (if you are including a photo you will need to email me rather than use the form below).

What I will then do with this information is check the facts. Do my own bit of research about what your suggesting is great and make sure I am only promoting legit facts and businesses. If everything checks out (which I am sure it will) it will be posted on the destinations profile for everyone to see and fully credited back to you.

I want this website to be a TRUSTED resource of good recommendations and not a place for negative reviews of bad hotel rooms or disappointing sights. And please no businesses looking to promote themselves (I will find out). This section is purely written by travellers about their experiences for others to enjoy.


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