Pack a few spare plastic bags for dirty clothes and shoes.  This way you can keep your clean clothes smelling clean and free from dirt and dust. – The Trusted Traveller

Pack a needle and thread. It will come in very handy when a button comes off your favourite shirt or jeans. They are also useful to quickly fix a hem on your clothes that is coming undone. – The Trusted Traveller

Needle and Thread

Pack light. Just because the airline allows you to take 20kg of luggage doesn’t mean that you have to take 20kg. Try to pack clothing that matches with multiple items of other clothing and shoes that can be worn for most occasions. You can wear trousers or shorts two days in a row or more and wash smaller items in the sink or shower of your hotel. The less you carry, the easier it will be to get around and the more weight and space you will have to bring home goodies. – The Trusted Traveller

Take a jumper and socks on the plane. You might be travelling to the tropics but that doesn’t mean the temperature on the plane will be a balmy 30 degrees. – The Trusted Traveller


Pack sandals or thongs for using in showers. You may come across a gross shower or two, especially if staying in hostels. This way your feet are protected from whatever fungus is growing there. – The Trusted Traveller

Pack a double adaptor along with the correct regions plug. If you are travelling with multiple devices this will help get them all charged faster. – The Trusted Traveller

Power adaptor

Pack a small first aid kit. This doesn’t have to be anything bulky or complex, just a few plasters, headache/pain medication, antihistamines, anti-diarrhea tablets, hand sanitizer, tweezers, nail clippers and any prescription medication you take. – The Trusted Traveller

Use little bottles for your liquid toiletries if you are only travelling for a short time. It takes up less room and less weight in your luggage. This is especially good if you are travelling on a budget airline that charges for checking luggage. You may be able to avoid paying the extra fees by just taking carry on. Just make sure you label what is what. – The Trusted Traveller


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