Money Matters


Frequent travellers can save on their travel insurance by purchasing a yearly travel insurance policy. Do some price comparisons to see if you are better off buying a single or yearly policy if you plan to travel more than once per year. – The Trusted Traveller

Buying from grocery stores can be a great way to keep costs down while travelling. You will find cheap food and drinks such as local dishes, sandwiches, fruit, snacks and bottled water. I always keep a look out near where I am staying for my nearest grocery store. It’s also a great place to start exploring what the locals eat on a day to day basis. You never know, you might find your new favourite snack among the shelves. – The Trusted Traveller


GPS can be very expensive when hiring a car but is essential these days. To avoid the high costs, download the relevant countries maps onto your own GPS device or smart phone and take it with you. – The Trusted Traveller

Check that your credit/bank cards work before you leave home. Also make sure you know your pin number as most countries have phased out signatures. There is nothing more annoying (and expensive) than spending hours on the phone to the bank. – The Trusted Traveller

Credit Cards



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