Making the Most of Your Trip


Ask locals for advice and tips. The receptionist at your hotel or the waitress in the café down the road may very well be able to tell you about one of the destinations best kept secrets. I have dined at some great restaurants and visited some unusual attractions just by asking a local. – The Trusted Traveller

Learn how to use your camera properly before you leave home. This way you won’t come home with lots of blurry and out of focus photos. – The Trusted Traveller


Learn a few words and phrases of the local language. Not only will this help you in your travels, it also shows great respect to the local people. I have found in some countries that the people are a lot more helpful if you make an effort. – The Trusted Traveller

Read up on your destinations public transport system before you leave home. That way when you arrive you can hit the ground running. – The Trusted Traveller

Public Transport

Eat where the locals eat. This one is simple. If a restaurant or café is full of locals you know that food or coffee is going to be great. Why would they waste their time eating somewhere mediocre? – The Trusted Traveller

Try to find some time to relax. There is nothing worse than coming home from a holiday needing another holiday. Take a seat in a coffee shop in the afternoons for an hour and people watch or if you are travelling long term, try to factor in a day of rest once a week. It will keep you sane! – The Trusted Traveller



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