Keeping Clean


Wash your clothes, especially underwear, in the sink or shower. You can use ordinary soap or take a travel sized bottle of laundry detergent with you. This will save you time hanging out in a Laundromat and keep your clothes fresh until you have time to spend in the Laundromat or you return home. – The Trusted Traveller

Wash clothes

Keep baby wipes or face wipes in your day bag. They can be used for a quick refresh while out and about or if you are staying in a location with no showers. – The Trusted Traveller

Pack sandals or thongs for using in showers. You may come across a gross shower or two, especially if staying in hostels. This way your feet are protected from whatever fungus is growing there. – The Trusted Traveller


Carry a small packet of tissues in your day bag. As well as their usual uses they can double as toilet paper when out and about. – The Trusted Traveller


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