Travel Tips


This page is dedicated to general travel tips. The kind that aren’t destination specific.

Here are the links to each subjects page. Or read on to find out how you can contribute to these pages.

Health and Safety                Keeping Clean                   Making the Most of Your Trip

Money Matters                     Packing


Over time I want to be able to build on these travel tips with the help of you, the reader. I want your input so that your fellow travellers have all of the information they need to travel the best way they possibly can.

So how will it work? If you have a travel tip you’d like to share then just contact me. Simple, right?

What I would like to hear about is any (and more) of the following:

  • Packing tips.
  • Scams you have encountered around the globe.
  • Travel gadgets you love.
  • Planning and booking tips. Do you use a certain website to get a great deal?
  • Keeping fit and healthy on the road.
  • Beating jetlag.

What I would like in this email from you is simple:

  • You name and where your from. This will be posted on this website unless you would rather stay anonymous (please let me know).
  • What is you tip, in no more than two paragraphs. This will appear on the website so be a clear as possible.
  • A great photo (if appropriate) to go with this recommendation.
  • Also if you have your own blog or website, send me the link so when your suggestion is posted I can link it back to you.

You can send these recommendation to me via email or by using the form below (if you are including a photo you will need to email me rather than use the form).



After a quick check that everything is in order, your travel tip will then be posted on the website for everyone to see and credited back to you.

Of I course will be adding lots of my own Travel Tips along the way as well.

I want this website to be a TRUSTED resource of good recommendations and not a place for negative reviews. And please no businesses looking to promote themselves (I will find out). This website is purely written by travellers about their experiences for others to enjoy.


Leave me a comment

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