Where in the world Wednesday


Every Wednesday from now on I am going to test your travel knowledge. I will post a picture and a cryptic paragraph about a destination or attraction from somewhere in the world for you to guess.

So here is the first one. Leave a comment with your guess.


Where in the world………You can find this very famous structure on a hill in the centre of this sprawling metropolis. Just one of the many archaeological sites found in this city known as the birthplace of western civilization. Its people are passionate, welcoming and social. Take a seat in a small family restaurant and you may find the owner taking a seat at your table offering to cook you up a plate of traditional moussaka or serving you a complimentary bowl of watermelon to finish off your meal.

Which city am I in?

Want to take a guess? Leave me a comment below or pop over to our Facebook or Twitter pages (links on the left) to take a guess. The answer will be revealed in the comments below and on social media tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Where in the world Wednesday

  1. thetrustedtraveller

    You are both correct! Thanks for stopping by and taking a guess. More ‘Where in the World’ next Wednesday.

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