Sunday’s Inspiration – 26 Jan, 2014


I hate Sunday nights! You know why? Tomorrow morning I have to go to work! My weekend is over and the routine of 9-5 kicks in again. I have five days of the same thing day in day out to look forward to (not!). I’m sure most of you 9-5er’s are with me on this.

I don’t know about you but the only thing that gets me out of bed each Monday morning is the thought that I am being paid to do this and with this money I can travel!

So to help combat this and remind you (and me) why we go to work each day, I wanted to come up with a little bit of inspiration, a push to help you pull yourself out of bed and make Sunday nights more bearable.

I present to you Sunday’s Inspiration. A quote for your week. Write it down and keep it with you or save it on you phone. Then whenever you need a reminder as to why you’re doing this, its right there with you.

So lets start off with my favourite travel quote.

I haven't been everywhere

Join me every Sunday night for a new quote and fight those 9-5 blues!

Do you have a favourite quote, travel related or otherwise? I would love to hear it. Share in the comments section below or join me on social media (links in the sidebar to the left) to start a conversation.


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